Authors should prepare a PDF file following the IEEE single-space, two-column format using at least 10 point size type. The paper must be correctly formatted to fit on U.S. "letter" size page (8.5" by 11") with at least 1" margins on all 4 sides. The PDF file should be prepared according to the IEE PDF specification. There must be no page numbers, headers or footers on the pages. Please do not use any PDF security features in submitted PDF files. The IEEE LaTeX and Microsoft Word templates, as well as related information, can be found at 

The following Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) code MUST be placed on the bottom, left-hand side of the first page of each paper:

978-1-4244-5113-5/09/$25.00 2009 IEEE
(For latex users, note that you can do this by  a) using the “\usepackage” command and then b)   adding the following command inside the tex file:
\AddToShipoutPicture*{\small \sffamily\raisebox{\hspace978-1-4244-5113-5/09/\$25.00 \copyright2009 IEEE}})

Please note the following page limits: 6 pages. In addition, you may purchase up to ***two extra pages per paper at a charge of $150/page*** which is paid with your registration (please see details on registration form). 

IEEE PDF eXpress is a web site that can help you either generate an IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file, or check the compatibility of PDF file generated by yourself. Authors should log in at IEEE PDF eXpress, and create or check PDF compatibility. Authors need create an account with the Conference ID: mass09x. PDF files created with IEEE PDF eXpress are guaranteed to be accepted in the IEEE MASS 2009 proceedings and the Xplore library.

Once you have prepared your pdf, please email to


Authors for all papers MUST also fill in and submit a ‘signed’ copyright form.  Download an IEEE Copyright Form from here, fill in the paper information, and sign the form. Email the signed form to, with a unified subject line "WSNS 2009 MASS-workshop Copyright Form - paperId, authorName". For example, "WSNS 2009 MASS-workshop Copyright Form - #1569210022, John Smith".


It is MASS 2009 policy that every paper (oral or poster presentation) must have a NON-DISCOUNTED (i.e., non-student) registration completed for the paper to be included in the program and the proceedings. To submit your registration, please follow the instructions in the “Registration” from the MASS 2009 Web site ( 

Important Dates:

Final Manuscript Due (strict):             8/14/2009

Once again, please note that ALL 3 steps (paper upload, copyright and registration) must be completed by ***August 14, 2009***.