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Chrom.llb for LabVIEW

Updated manual integrator

MSTools for Chemstation (LabVIEW)

Stark Broadening profiles (LabVIEW)

Chrom.llb:  software for chromatography

This LabVIEW library is a general purpose suite of programs for performing chromatography data acquisition (single channel) and analysis.  Manual injection and autosampling modes are available.  Data analysis is done via manual integration.

Click here to download chrom.llb.

Ooops, on the manual integrator change the file format from %1.8e to %.8e; otherwise the data will not read correctly.

Integrator update:  Thanks to Dana Wise of Dr. Jason Shear's lab at UT Austin for pointing out the weaknesses in my original program.  This update calculates a linear baseline from manually selected starting and ending points about a peak.  If only I were a true chromatographer....

Download manual integrator update here.
Dana even did a comparison between using Excel to integrate peaks versus the LabVIEW program.  I have her permission to upload that comparison, as well.  Thank you, Dana.

LabVIEW software for HP MS Chemstation

This software is a LabVIEW library of programs that allows one to access data from Hewlett-Packard MS Chemstation files. Total ion chromatograms or single mass chromatograms can be extracted. The library was described in Laboratory Robotics and Automation, vol. 10, p. 119, 1998.

This software is supplied as is with no warranty or support available or implied. You may use this software in your own programs and make changes to it as needed for your applications, but you must keep the Copyright information in "get info" intact (some of the sub-VI's in the 3D viewer are from National Instruments example files and do not fall under my copyright restrictions). You may distribute my software freely but use in commercial programs is forbidden. Click here to download.

The recently added program "view single file mass progression" plots a single data file on a 3D intensity graph where retention time is on the y-axis and m/z is on the x-axis. The color scale can be programmatically changed to highlight features, and the cursors can be used to select a plot of all m/z's at a single retention time or retention time at a single m/z. This program is valuable for instruction, as well as research, because students can see how each retention time breaks down into different masses.

LabVIEW software for measuring Stark Broadening profiles of the hydrogen beta line

The following library is a set of programs I wrote to measure electron number density via Stark Broadening of the hydrogen beta line. You can download it here. You will need to re-compile the CIN code for some of the sub-VI's. The code is included in the info window of each CIN. Copy and paste it into your C compiler.

As always, this software is not to be packaged with or sold with any commercial software or hardware products. For a complete description of the program, see: Starn, T.K; Sesi, N.N.; Horner, J.A.; Hieftje, G.M. "A LabVIEW Program for the Calculation of Electron Number Density by the Measurement of Stark Broadening" Spectrochimica Acta Electronica, 1995, 50B, 1147.

If you have comments about the software, you can write to Tim Starn at West Chester University. Also, I am available for LabVIEW consulting and instruction.

Inclusion of any of the above software libraries in to commercial software is forbidden. Use at your own risk.

Last updated 1/7/2011.    All programs Copyright 2011.