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This is the home page of Richard Gary Epstein of the Department of Computer Science, West Chester University of PA, West Chester, PA. 

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bulletHow to contact me ...

Information about this semester's courses:

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Unpublished killer robot stories and killer robot links:

bulletThe Killer Robot

The play's the thing (with themes and venues)

bullet Mad Max         (A play about Artificial Intelligence - 50th Anniversary of the Turing Test Conference - Dartmouth University 2000)
bullet ElderCare VR  (A play about identity theft in Virtual Reality - CEPE 2000)
bullet Mourning Becomes Electric  (A play about evil in cyberspace - IEEE ISTAS 2002)
bullet The Sunshine Borgs  (A play about AI and the threat to human creativity - IEEE ISTAS 2001)
bullet Computer Security  (A play about - you guessed it - Computer Security - CEPE2003; Towson University)
bullet Nanobytes  (A play about environmental risks posed by nanotechnology - Philosophy Nights, Charles Strut University, Australia 2003; Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society)
bullet NORA  This play, written for the 50th anniversary of AI at
Dartmouth in 2006 not performed at that event.  Dang!

Recent Conference Presentations

bullet Demons in Software Development   (IEEE ISTAS 2004)
bullet Software Development as Spiritual Metaphor  (IEEE ISTAS 2004)
bullet The New Ethics and Security Course at WCU (SIGCSE 2006)
bullet Workplace Issues in an Undergraduate Software Engineering Course  (IEEE CSEET 2010)
bullet All the News That's Fit to Blog  (CISSE 2010)


Stories about the future:

bulletSunday, May 14, 2028


An IT career as a spiritual path:

bulletThe Wheel



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