Distributed System & Network

Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL 33431.
Nanjing University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.
Shanghai Sodick Software Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China.
Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, China.

Related Projects

05/96-05/98 * Implementation of Network Service in COSA.
* Developing TCP/IP, socket, ftp in the first Chinese copyright OS which is based on March 3.0 and has a B- TCSEC (Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria) safety level.
08/95-05/96 * Implementation of User Interface in KZ3/WYSE.
* Designing and developing a motif user interface for a distributed (PVM) platform on memory-share parallel machine.
08/93-05/95 * Implementation of Real Time User Interface for a Distributed Electric Discharge Machine System (EDM).
* Designing and developing a hard real-time user interface in a distributed system using Assembly Language. It is well sold all over the world.
05/93-08/94 * Implementation of User Interface for a Distributed Electric Discharge Wire (EDW) System.
* Developing user interface using C. It is a pre-product for EDM.
08/92-05/93 * Implementation of FS for a Distributed Electric Discharge Wire (EDW) System.
* Developing a distributed file system.

Related Class Projects

07/99-12/99 * "A Survey of Deadlock in Interconnection Networks".
07/99-12/99 * Simulation of Safetylevel Model in Hypercube.
* Developing a routing simulator in hypercube to analyse the performance of different models.
08/98-12/98 * Simulation of some Fault Model in Mesh Networks.
* Developing routing simulator for different Fault Model and analysing their performance.
08/98-12/98 * Simulation of updating delay in Mobile Network.
* Developing a Mobile Network simulator to analyse fault information propagation delay.


Available upon request.

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