Dr. Cheer-sun (Cheer) Yang

Winter 2018-2019 Course:

496-584 Topics: Emerging Web Technology

CSC496/CSC584 ASP.NET Core 2.1 with C#

In this course, we will use hands-on training to cover the concepts of web programming including RESTful web services. We will use ASP.NET Core and C# with Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise and JavaScript for our project development. Prerequisite: Students must be familiar with Data Structures and Java/PHP Programming in one of CSC241, CSC515, or CSC516.

Evaluation: 4 Projects (60%) and one Exam (40%)

References and Textbooks: (Subject to changes)

Instructor: Dr. Cheer-Sun Yang

Office: 25 Univ. 145

Phone#: (610)738-0450