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Computer Science Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science program is accredited by ABET. This document gives the degree requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. In addition to the degree requirements below, the interested reader is encouraged to consult these links below:

Security Certificate | Special Entrance | Advanced Placement | Transfer | Graduation

Core Curriculum - 60 credits

Computer Science Requirements - 27 credits (3 each)
  • CSC141 — Computer Science I
  • CSC142 — Computer Science II
  • CSC220 — Foundations of Computer Science
  • CSC240 — Computer Science III
  • CSC241 — Data Structures and Algorithms
  • CSC242 — Computer Organization
  • CSC301 — Computer Security I
  • CSC345 — Programming Language Concepts and Paradigms
  • CSC402 — Software Engineering
Communication Skills Requirements - 6 credits (3 each)
  • ENG368 — Business and Organizational Writing
    ENG371 — Technical Writing
  • SPK208 — Public Speaking
    SPK230Business and Professional Speech Communication
    SPK199Transfer Credit
Basic Mathematics Requirements - 10 credits
  • MAT121 — Statistics I (3)
  • MAT151 — Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (3)
  • MAT161 — Calculus I (4)

this course also counts towards general education credits

Additional Math & Science Requirements - 11 credits
You must take 11 credits of Math & Science courses as indicated. Please note that all science credits taken to satisfy these requirements are in addition to the 6-credit general education science requirement (see Distributive Requirements: Fall 2014 or later).
  • MAT122 — Statistics II (3)
    MAT162 — Calculus II (4)
  • The additional 7 or 8 credits must be fulfilled as a combination of
    • Math (MAT) courses, level 200 or above
    • Science courses (not Computer Science), any level

    You must take one laboratory science course intended for science majors; the current list of such courses includes:

    • BIO110 — General Biology (3)
    • CHE103 & CRL103 — General Chemistry I (3) & Lab (1)
    • ESS101 — Introduction to Geology (3)
    • PHY130 — General Physics I (4)
    • PHY170 — Physics I (4)
Large Scale Systems - 3 credits

Select from one of these courses: CSC416, CSC417 or CSC496.

Advanced Requirements - 18 credits

In addition to the Core Curriculum a student must take 18 credits of Computer Science (CSC) electives consisting of 300-level or 400-level courses according to these stipulations:

  1. A minumum of 6 credits of 400-level courses is required.
  2. The courses taken to statisfy the Advanced Requirements are in addition to the course taken to satisfy the Large Scale Systems requirement.
  3. The internship course, CSC400, can apply 3 credits towards the Advanced Requirements.

Computer Security Certificate

This certificate is intended for students who wish to focus on the computer/network security aspects of Computer Science. To satisfy the certificate, the following elective courses must be taken:

In order for an undergraduate student to receive recognition of completion of the Computer Security Certificate, he or she must complete each of the Certificate courses with a minimum grade of C– and obtain an overall GPA of 2.0 in all courses taken for the certificate (counting CSC301 and CSC402, which are required for the major).

A student who wishes to pursue this certificate should file an Application for Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Security, which can be found on myWCU.

Special Entrance Requirements

Students who enter WCU as first-year computer science majors must meet the following high school criteria:

Advanced Placement Credit

These guidelines are used to determine college credit when evaluating Advanced Placement Scores in Computer Science

Examination A. P. Score Policy
Computer Science AB 1, 2 no credit
  3, 4, 5 3 credits for CSC 141
Computer Science A 1, 2 no credit
  3, 4, 5 3 credits for CSC 141

Transfer and Continuation Requirements

Students who seek to transfer to the Computer Science major from another college or from another major within WCU must first satisfy all these conditions:

All Computer Science majors at WCU must satisfy the same requirements as stated above before being permitted to take any 300 or higher level Computer Science major course. Exceptions to this transfer and continuation policy can be made on a case by case basis by the department chairperson.

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, a Computer Science major must earn a grade of C- or better in each course taken to fulfill the requirements listed above. Furthermore, the overall GPA must be at least 2.5 in CSC courses and at least 2.0 in MAT courses taken as requirements. This policy does not apply to courses taken as free electives.