Computer Science Department
College of Sciences & Mathematics

Accelerated Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Program

Students with at least 90 credits and at least a 3.0 GPA may apply for this program. A student may take up to 4 graduate CSC courses to satisfy undergraduate electives. This makes it possible to receive both degrees in 5 years (with 7 additional courses to be completed at the master’s level).

The graduate courses used to satisfy undergraduate electives excludes taking both the Graduate and corresponding Undergraduate course from this list:

Graduate Undergraduate
Operating Systems CSC525 CSC331
Networking CSC535 CSC336
Database CSC545 CSC321
Software Engineering CSC555 CSC402
Compilers CSC565 CSC416

Also, the Master of Science core courses CSC520, CSC530, CSC540, and CSC560 cannot be substituted for undergraduate electives.

See the Accelerated BS/MS Advising Sheet for further information.