Lab Report Format

This tutorial explains how to write lab reports for labs and final projects (team projects)

General Tips:

Reports should be written in third person. Occasional usage of first person is allowed in order to alleviate overuse of the passive voice.
Any figure or table that appears in the report should be numbered and referred to in the text of the report.

Report Structure

Please make sure your report has the following sections:

Title Page

This should include the title of the lab, course number, names of all members of the lab group, and the date on which the lab was performed. Please make this a separate page.


This should briefly state in your own words what you are trying to accomplish and why you are performing the experiment. Do not simply copy or paraphrase the lab handout.

Analysis and Results

This should explain the relevant concept that describes the principle of the lab. Please use both text and figure (e.g., screenshot) to describe what you've done. Do NOT copy or reuse other groups/student's screenshots.

If there are questions in the given lab, you need to answers all questions. you can draw some pictures/diagrams and include code snippets if needed.

Discussion and Conclusion

This should examine whether the lab satisfied the stated purpose, and explain what you have observed and learned. Try to explain any differences that you observed between theory (or accepted experimental data) and experimental results.

Report Grading Rubric