Programming for this course

There are the programming sections of this course:
  1. Java GUI Programming with JavaFX.
  2. Php/Smarty Templates web Programming.
  3. FuelPhp/Smarty Templates web Programming.
Each part relies on a database backend which includes MySQL. In more detail, these are the programming features: To achieve these ends on Windows, MAC, or Linux I use the following tools: You are welcome to replace these tools by others, but I will base my notes on what I have mentioned. Here are some issues with other possibilities. If you have different experiences, I would welcome your input.

Development on your own computer or on Student Linux system

You are encouraged to set up your own local system to do the programming. However, if necessary, it can all be done on the Student Linux System (taz) either directly or remotely. If you want to do so, you'll have to ask me to set up a database for you.

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