Taz via x2Go

Having the X session from you lab machine displayed on your client is an alernative approach to using Remote Desktop. There are a number of solutions, but the one I'm describing here is:
From this site, follow the links in the GetX2Go section at the top and install:
Download X2Go Client, either:
Windows installer (XP and Later), or
OS X 10.6 and higher DMG, or
OS X 10.9 and higher DMG
As mentioned, OS X uses the XQuartz package.

For Ubuntu, there is an available package:
$ sudo apt-get install x2goclient
Create a new session entry with this information and then click OK.
Session name: taz

Host:      taz.cs.wcupa.edu
SSH port:  22

Session type:

To activate, click on the session from the right-hand side. Key in your taz password and click OK. The "800x600" size is not a restriction, you can enlarge it.

Please Log Out of your taz session instead of just closing the window.

© Robert M. Kline