RamNet wireless connection on Mint

This document describes the settings that I have used to successfully connect to WCU's RamNet wireless network through a Linux system. It has been tested on an Linux Mint 18 system, but hopefully will work on other Linux systems with minor modifications.

Assuming that you are physically at WCU and seeing RamNet wireless connection as a possibility, open Network Connections. If necessary, add a new Wi-Fi connection for RamNet.
Connection Name: RamNet
You should see the "Editing RamNet" configuration dialog with these choices:
General  |  Wi-Fi  |  Wi-Fi Security  |  IPv4 Settings  |  IPv6 Settings
The information in the two highlighted tabs must be set as indicated:
SSID: RamNet
Mode: Client

Security:              WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication:        Protected EAP (PEAP)
Anonymous Identity:  
CA Certificate:       
                       x No CA certificate is required
PEAP Version:          Automatic
Inner authentication:  MSCHAPv2 
Username:              -- your WCU user name --
Password:              -- your WCU password --

© Robert M. Kline