PuTTY Secure Shell

Putty is a free telnet/secure shell client. You can download it through the home page:
It is a portable executable, meant to be used "as is".

Sample Usage

Assuming you have an account on the student Linux server taz.cs.wcupa.edu here is a description of the set-up of secure-shell service to this server.

  1. Open putty by double-clicking on it.
  2. Type taz (or some other nickname) in the Saved Sessions box.
  3. Type taz.cs.wcupa.edu in the Host Name box.
  4. Make sure the SSH radio button is chosen which should be reflected by port 22. (Really, you should NEVER use telnet if you can use ssh!)

    If you're behind a company firewall make sure that port 22 isn't blocked.
  5. Click the Save button and taz appears on the Saved Sessions list.
  6. Select SSH from the tree listing of categories to bring up settings for secure shell. Change the Preferred SSH protocol version from 1 to 2 by selecting the 2 radio button. Don't click Open from this level because the new information won't be saved in the session (this is an unintuitive interface!)
  7. Go back to the original window by selecting the Session category and then click the Save button again.
To open the taz session after you open putty you can just double-click on this line in the Saved Sessions list.

© Robert M. Kline