Cygwin Shell

The Cygwin installation creates a Bash shell along with a UNIX environment by which you can compile and run UNIX-like programs. Using this one can even create an emulated X server on your windows box and run UNIX-like GUI software tools.

Basic Installation

The following installation steps illustrate a minimal installation which allows secure-shell access to a remote server.
  1. Go to the Cygwin/X site: Click the Install Cygwin Now and thereby download either the setup-x86.exe or setup-x86_64.exe file. I would suggest placing this into a separate folder since it creates other companion folders for each download site used.
  2. Double-click on setup.exe to run it.
  3. Click Next in introductory window.
  4. Take the defaults (i.e., just click Next) in the Choose A Download Source to install from the internet.
  5. Take the defaults in the Select Root Install Directory.
  6. Take the defaults in the Select Local Package Directory.
  7. Take the defaults in the Select Your Internet Connection. If your doing this download in a company, especially, you may need to chose the "proxy server" setting. This information would need to be obtained from your network administrator.
  8. Pick a site of your choice in Choose a download site.
  9. Select Packages: The following package selection serves a variety of needs.

    Keep clicking the View button until it becomes Full. Add the following packages by clicking on the entry in the New line, changing it from Skip to a software version number. You may add others if you wish, but keep it simle to start since you can always go back and install additional packages later. Select:
    openssh              for ssh
    nano                 simple shell editor
    Hit Next to do the download/installation. Download time will depend on the network speed. The installation goes pretty fast.
  10. Create Icons: as you wish. You probably want to at least create icon on desktop.
  11. After installation is complete, run Cygwin from your desktop icon. The first time you do this the skeleton files are copied into your directory.

Cygwin installs into the directory c:\cygwin with subdirectories: bin, etc, home, lib, tmp, usr, var and the files cygwin.bat and cygwin.ico. The desktop icon created by installation is just a shortcut to cywgin.bat.

Secure shell client access to remote server

If you have an account on the WCU computer science student Linux server, you can test the secure-shell login as follows:
$ ssh

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