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Undergraduate Internship Application

Fill in the course/year/semester and personal information, generate the list of your courses/grades credited towards the CSC major. With this completed, click the button at the bottom to generate a PDF document meant to be submitted to the Internship Director.

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Use the selections below to add courses to the Listing. Mistakes are easily fixed by removing the course from the list via the button. Courses are displayed alphabetically. Repeated course grades should be listed in chronological order so that the first grade is ignored in GPA.
Internship required:
CSC 141, 142, 240, 241
MAT 151, 161
Other CSC:
Other MAT:
Course/Grade Listing
CSC (gpa = 0)
CSC141: —
CSC142: —
CSC240: —
CSC241: —
MAT (gpa = 0)
MAT151: —
MAT161: —