Computer Science Department
College of Sciences & Mathematics

Professional Development Certificates

The Computer Science Department offers three graduate certifications:

All the computer science (CSC) courses listed can be counted towards the master's degree program except CSC512, CSC515, CSC516.

Prerequisites for Professional Development Certificates

A student who wishes to enroll in one of these certificate programs needs to hold a bachelor's degree (in any subject area) and needs to have successfully completed the following two courses in order to satisfy the certificate program prerequisites: Students are encouraged to take these courses at West Chester University.


In addition to the application, goals statement, and transcripts, certificate applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation.

Certificate in Computer Security (Information Assurance)

Select 4 of the following courses:

Certificate in Information Systems

Select 3 or 4 of the following courses: If only 3 selected, then select one from:

Certificate in Web Technology

Select 4 of the following courses: