Computer Science Department
College of Sciences & Mathematics

Computer Science Master's Degree

The Master's curriculum is designed with these goals in mind:

Master's Program Courses

A student must take a total of 33 credits from the following courses (subject to the stipulations listed below):

Core: All four courses (12 credits – 3 credits each)
Electives: At least four 500-level electives (at least 12 credits – 3 credits each)
Advanced: At least two 600-level (at least 6 credits – 3 credits each)

Those writing a master's thesis need to follow the guidelines spelled out in the Master's Thesis Guidelines Document.


  1. The four core courses must be completed within the first six courses taken and the core must be completed before any 600-level course can be taken.
  2. At least one and no more than two Advanced Seminar courses must be taken.
  3. CSC600, which serves as a vehicle for advanced topics, may be taken twice with different topics.
  4. A student who elects to do a master's thesis must take the Independent Research (CSC610) and Thesis courses (CSC620) in successive semesters.