Internship Questions and Answers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we apply for the Internship CSC400 or CSC605?
A: You may find some information at the departmental web site by clicking Undergraduate>Internship.

Q: How should I find job opportunities?
A: You need to browse the job database also posted on the same web page for the Internship. You need an ID to accesss the database. You need to contact Dr. Kline for an ID which is the same as the account for accessing the Taz machine.

Q: Do I need to submit any document during the internship period?
A: No. The only paper work is (1) The final Report and (2) The Employer COmment Sheet. "

Q: Can I use the job I am working on as part of the Internship?
A: Yes. But you still need to register for CSC400 or CSC605 to earn the credits. "

Q: If the job offer is inconsistent with the period of a semester, which semester will the CSC400 be applied to?
A: In many cases, a job offer is inconsistent with our regular semester period. For example, if you begin to work in winter, the school will be closed. You may work first and send me e-mail to let me know. We will count the time you spend in winter toward the Spring semester. "

Q: What is the format of the Final Report?
A: There is no rule about the format as long as you provide a cover sheet to include the name of the company, the supervisor's contact iformation, the duration, with short paragraphs documenting (1) what you need to complete the internship, and (2) what you have learned. "

Q: Is ther any difference between a paid job and an unpaid job?
A: The application procedure is a little bit different for unpaid jobs. The company must establish a partnership relation with WCU first. "