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Dr. Yang, Cheer-Sun

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Tree Leaves of a Binary Tree
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Simulated Fractals
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Wishbone and Mask (Jack Russells)


Today's computers, no longer a luxury item as in the old days, have been considered part of the necessities in our daily lives. The innovative ideas that computing has brought to us have totally changed the way we envision the world. During the past, a telephone network is the only direct means for connecting with friends and families. Today, computer networks have replaced the role a telephone network plays. The traditional ideas of using a telephone to make phone calls has changed in light of the advancement of computer software systems. It is not exaggerating to say that the computing era has arrived.

While computer applications kept penetrating into our world, the evoluation of Computer Science Curriculum is also imminent. Tradition computer science subjects such as Operating System, Compiler, Programming Languages, Database, or even Communications and Networking, can no longer quench the desires of today's learners about computers.

At the Computer Science Department of West Chester University, the relentless faculty members strive to stay at the forefront of future's ideas today with the mission of educating twenty-first century students about tomorrow's innovative ideas. Areas such as Computer Security, Graphics, Game Programming, Web Technology, Cloud Computing, and Mobile Computing are now part of the state-of-the-art curriculum at West Chester.

My areas of interests include Web Technology, Python Game Programming, iPhone/Android Phone Application, Communications & Networking, and High Performance Computing. For more ideas about the courses in these areas, please browse the respective web pages at this web site.

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