Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science prepares the student for a career in the field of Computer Science and its applications as well as further study in computer science at the graduate level. The Department has an active internship program with local employers which offers invaluable real world exposure and contacts for future employment.

Normally the Computer Science degree requires attendance during eight academic semesters plus one summer session. Majors should pay attention to the prototypical schedules and select the one which meets their career goals.

Within the Computer Science curriculum, majors are eligible to pursue the Computer Security (Information Assurance) Certificate, for which transcript recognition is awarded.


These minors are offered under the auspices of the Computer Science Department:

Computer Science majors are not eligible for these.

The IT minor, combined with a wide variety of majors available at West Chester University, can enhance the competitiveness in the job market for a graduating senior. The IT minor introduces students to the fundamentals of programming, computer security, web technology, database systems, and networking.

Students who do well in CSC115 taken as a general education science course are encouraged to take the IT minor. This minor can be completed in 2 – 3 semesters. For more information, please contact the Computer Science Chairperson.

Course Description